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Meeting every Tuesday in daylight saving time, then fortnightly 6.30pm Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club

Beacon 27 July


President Kevin welcomed a select group of 18 attendees including guest speaker and former member Steve Margerson.  Happy Birthday to Kevin (30 August).

Words of Wisdom from President Kevin

 With the Old Scribe moving to Geelong and winding down his activities with our Club, Kevin was pleased to announce that Geoffrey King had agreed to take on the role of Secretary.  Congratulations Geoff!

 The Yarraville Rotary Club is celebrating their 10th birthday this year.  We will be holding a joint meeting with them on the 10th of September at the Yarraville Club.

Bill will be looking for numbers at next week’s meeting. Continue reading The Beacon at Beacon Volume 27 edition 54.

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